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Dosas at Woodlands – or the three pink cows

I have a theory called the pink cow syndrome. It says that ‘If I see a pink cow with blue horns in the morning and I see another one in the afternoon, then I would surely see one more by the time I would go to bed.’ Harold Pinter Theatre, Panton Street was hosting Oscar … Continue reading

Neatly struck by cleanliness

That is photograph of the main road of an industrial complex. What you see are small factories churning out shirts, jeans and other stuff. What struck me was the cleanliness. No posters. No bits hanging on the electric poles. No bits of paper littered.  It is clean as far as the lens could see. Often … Continue reading

Dreaming about having a Barramundi at Chamundi Hills.

There are four types of vacations that you can have with people around. These are characterised by whether you are with your friends or with your relations. Also whether you are doing something or doing nothing. The relations-do something is very important and often leaves you tired by end of the day. It is very … Continue reading

Casting a Golden Eye at Tangawizi on a Saturday at Richmond Waterfront

A brief break in the otherwise grey weather through the week left me no choice but to get out in to the open. My friend Ram of Sita fame suggested that we visit Hammersmith only to change his mind almost immediately to Richmond Waterfront. After two buses and a brush with a tentative Oyster card … Continue reading

Three Places, Three Names

Day 1 ended with a cruise on the Seine. I had said Day 2 would be daunting but I was unaware of how much would that be. Thanks to the cruise we had a reasonable idea of places to visit and also the necessary homework done with our hotel receptionist helped. First of we took … Continue reading

On writing a travel monologue

Writing about a place is challenging. Like eye of the beholder and all that. I have however decided to throw caution to winds and to my chagrin saw it become an auction (get it?) and I had to bid for the best thoughts amongst the whole lot of thoughts regarding the trip. The trip consisted of … Continue reading

Spotting Singaravelan in Sinzig

Working in an information technology company is sometimes rewarding. You get a chance to go to places where you have never gone before. It is usually an adventure of sorts when you start preparing for the visit. Apart from the visa, tickets and forex which are a terrible chore themselves, more challenge lies in other … Continue reading

A crow and a gull talk to each other

We were walking on the beach at Weymouth seafront one early morning thanks to an advantageous bank holiday on a Monday. It was 7.00 am and the throng of the early visitors was not yet in. Later parents with their children and accompanied by shovels, buckets, windscreen, folding chairs and beach mats in tow would … Continue reading

A Walk in the Broadwater Park

The warbler warbles The rambler rambles The perambulators ambulate With pink babies And an accompanying tawny tabby While time’s ungulate Triangulates All the people ever born or going to be When they went and where they are Time stands still in the Broadwater park But hark You can listen to it or perhaps feel it … Continue reading

Mead Cottages

The effect of reading Miss Marple’s adventures can be quite interesting. It sometimes takes you a trip in the fictional plane. While walking around the streets of the charming Surrey countryside I noticed some cottages. Mead Cottages, they were named and I saw that the door numbers were only even numbers. What was odd was … Continue reading

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