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Finally, he was going to stay in the hostel. He was looking forward to staying alone. Freedom at last. A room for him and with no one to share. Summer solstice! The twitter of the birds woke him up. The day had come. “Hostel life – here I come”, he thought. A nice room. Simple … Continue reading

Beagle தாத்தா(Thata)

On my occasional walk to the office, I often saw an old lady walking a beagle. The beagle looking for some choice smells and other objects of interest pulled at the leash. The lady used to manage somehow. In the few minutes it took me to cross then and go my way, I used to … Continue reading

When it rains ideas…

It is that time of the year when corporates are going for innovation – In as many ways as possible. Prize money, pat on the back, that coveted T-shirt, a vacation to some exotic place – name it – it is all there. The problem with such a drive is a sudden overdrive of mental … Continue reading

Is it the eye of the beholder or is it the ‘I’ of the beholder?

Yesterday I had written a poem motivated by a song from Khusboo and a piece of cane and metal work artifact picked up at a souvenir shop. I had sent a mail to a set of people with a preamble and to another set of people with no preamble. The preamble was The fear of … Continue reading

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