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Managing Chaos

In the earlier post I had introduced the next challenges that an organization would face. The challenges were Managing Chaos Managing Connectedness Managing Cascading Customers In this post I will discuss the first challenge. Organizations constantly strive to grow. They grow sometimes at the cost of profitability, sometimes at the cost of bad service and … Continue reading

Establishing, or for that matter losing, a context

In our school days we used have that nightmarish-for-some questions which went under the title ‘Reference to context’ questions. Usually from a poem best left unread or a horrible boring prose titled ‘नाखून क्यों बढ़ते हैं ? (Why do nail grow?) – Well acclaimed essay by Hazari Prasad Dwivedi – but enough to give me … Continue reading

Ask a silly question, get an interesting answer

Someone once remarked – “People with a predisposition to being plump are friendlier than those who are not”. I replied, “that is because fat people can’t run”. It may sound silly but that is a valid reason. If you are not friendly than there is a very good chance that you may be hit on … Continue reading

What is a good design?

If you were posed this question, the most probable answer would depend on the receiver of the question. “What do you mean by good?” – a process person “What do you mean by design” – a designer “Depends” – a management person A compelling attribute of a good design is perhaps simplicity. In that context … Continue reading

Are you paying attention to the Domain?

I was once asked which is better? A watch that won’t run or a watch that always shows the wrong time. The former is better because at least twice a day it would be showing the right time if you did look at it then! People in a manufacturing setup at least know their domain … Continue reading

Back to paper and pencil

Not that my handwriting is anything to envy, but I feel upset sometimes when I find writing on paper a difficult exercise. I feel jealous of note takers. Some of my colleagues are notorious note takers. Note books and a ready pen appear by magic in their hands. They never forget to have a pen … Continue reading

What is in store for requirements gathering?

What will year 2012 has in store for RG? The way I see there is not much change in the process. However the content will change. With increasing connected-ness between business entities within and without the organizations, it is but natural to expect that the business are increasingly unable to predict their business state neither … Continue reading

Extracting Business Rules from Legacy Code

I had written earlier on why there is need to understand code from legacy systems here https://eswarann.wordpress.com/2010/04/23/on-understanding-code/ . One of the concerns during migration of legacy systems is to document the business rules from the software. What are business rules? Wikipedia defines it as – Business rule is a statement that defines or constrains some … Continue reading

Some interesting practices while understanding requirements…

Standard procedures while eliciting requirements need not stop with interviews, reviewing documents and validating diagrams. It needs corroboration and information gathering on the fringe too. Some interesting practices in this regard. Notice Boards Reading notice boards is a good practice. This is especially true in factory premises. It gives a good idea of events currently … Continue reading

Three reasons why requirements gathering is so difficult

One: When users say green they mean blue… Requirements stem from business need and from the various interpretations of the need. The first elaboration of requirements is far from the actual. The main reason is that the business need as understood by the users undergoes change as they see what the software application can deliver. … Continue reading

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