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Some success factors for legacy transformation

There are many factors. Some in my experience which decided the success of a legacy transformation initiative are: One important factor for success is to have a clear idea of what would be done with Legacy systems A simple decision making process could be as follows The first thing to decide is whether the application … Continue reading

Challenges in IT Legacy systems transformation

As any CIO/CTO will tell you legacy transformation is here to say. What is the definition of legacy? A prompt answer would be – something that is old. But Legacy transformation is not about doing away with old and switching to a new one at a throw of a switch. It is something that needs … Continue reading

Extracting Business Rules from Legacy Code

I had written earlier on why there is need to understand code from legacy systems here https://eswarann.wordpress.com/2010/04/23/on-understanding-code/ . One of the concerns during migration of legacy systems is to document the business rules from the software. What are business rules? Wikipedia defines it as – Business rule is a statement that defines or constrains some … Continue reading

On Understanding Code

What are Legacy Systems? The definition can range from the old, slow and not rich in functionality  and may or may not work well; to the other extreme of something recent that works and works well but may be infra dig! In this sense and old assembler application as well as a relatively recently written code … Continue reading

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