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There was a time when Big Data was being talked by everybody. It is even now but perhaps not with the same vim and vigour. At the recent NASSCOM Conference on Big Data Analytics, there was less talk on Big Data. In fact one of the speakers mentioned and I quote “Big Data is nothing … Continue reading

Managing Connectedness

In the earlier post I had introduced the next challenges that an organization would face. The challenges were Managing Chaos Managing Connectedness Managing Cascading Customers In this post I will discuss the second challenge. The word connected brings to mind for most people, an image of a handshake, number of LinkedIn connects, or friends in … Continue reading

Searching for causation

If you are an author, there are three things you worry about. How many have purchased the book? How many have read the book? How many have understood the book? If you have written the book with the aim of making money, then asking the first question is sufficient. If you believe that you have … Continue reading

What is Big Data?

A simple answer is – data that is big. Obviously the reader, viewer or the listener, if they are patient enough would pause to ask – “what is big?” In most cases they would have flipped the page or clicked the back button or changed the channel. This is an ever-changing phenomenon.  Depending on whom … Continue reading

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