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After the hunt

Let us walk fast!  Let us walk fast Down the valley way, Let us walk fast. Cherries and berries, we have picked Our todos’ we have ticked Time for a good meal After all, the forest have given us a deal The sky is darkening by the hour It may at any time shower Shaman … Continue reading


There are bats and there are bats Dingbats and bullbats Wombats and numbats Wow so many! While the acrobat flies and reads the pdfs The wombat, numbat and the bullbat do have effs With their spouses In their respective houses While bullbat is a bat Different is the numbat and wombat They are the proverbial … Continue reading

The Ferryman – O मांझी

From this side to the other I row, I row, for no one They ask “Why bother?” I am all alone A time there was With a score I traveled there and back But now alas, It is all lull and slack They have built the bridge down there People are in a tear and … Continue reading

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