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Tulika goes to office…

Monday morning. A new week, great sunshine outside. Tulika was upset. Weekdays, especially Mondays always made her depressed. The weekend gave her a sense of freedom. She did not have to wear that dress. What an awful dress! However, she had no choice. The bad elements outside her house and all the way to her … Continue reading

Adult ⇔ Child

Sreelakshmi married Gopikannan. A very god fearing and an active couple, they were. Lo and behold, they gave birth to a bonny child after 13 and three-fourth score days after they tied the sacred knot. They decided to call her Saraswati. After all Lakshmi was already in the house, they reasoned. Saraswati grew up to … Continue reading

சும்மா JLT यूँ ही

My ardhangini went to learn swimming….. and the rest as they say is her story http://www.thehindu.com/opinion/open-page/some-experiments-with-swimming/article23863935.ece        


The days leading up to the New Year was always an exciting one. Not necessarily because of the holidays or the possibility of some drinking in prospect. It was the need to look up the day of the week of my birthday or the beginning of the summer holidays. Frantic looking up the school calendar … Continue reading

Green Mathematics

Going green is a becoming mantra among individuals and the corporate. This has given rise to initiatives such as minimalist living and in the extreme living off the grid. In of those moments where there are many things to do and yet feel bored, I hit upon this ideas of defining a recyclability index for … Continue reading

What is your new year resolution?

Last year on the new year’s eve I dwelt on the pessimists and the optimists. But this year I am quite fascinated with this year’s learning and resolutions I can take. I was rudely shaken by the point of view of Calvin when he took an exception to Hobbes’ suggestion! With over fifty-five years under … Continue reading


Finally, he was going to stay in the hostel. He was looking forward to staying alone. Freedom at last. A room for him and with no one to share. Summer solstice! The twitter of the birds woke him up. The day had come. “Hostel life – here I come”, he thought. A nice room. Simple … Continue reading

The price or the peace of being early…

Tippy, a sales executive with an independent mind took life as it would come. His approach was unnerving to many especially to his Senior Colleague. Tippy believed in achieving clarity in his actions before he did them. He would typically begin his new year by planning in such a way that would make him happy … Continue reading

Managing Cascading Customers

In the earlier post I had introduced the next challenges that an organization would face. The challenges were, Managing Chaos Managing Connectedness Managing Cascading Customers In this post I will discuss the third challenge. There are two concepts that I want to introduce at the outset. Rejection before selection Speed of good news vs bad news … Continue reading

Hobbies – the art of picking one

So one of the great ideas I had recently was to pick up a hobby. After all I thought I should be doing something to keep occupied once I am asked to elegantly leave my organization at some in future. So a hobby was the plan. After excruciating suggestions from near and dear I settled … Continue reading

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