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Managing Connectedness

In the earlier post I had introduced the next challenges that an organization would face. The challenges were Managing Chaos Managing Connectedness Managing Cascading Customers In this post I will discuss the second challenge. The word connected brings to mind for most people, an image of a handshake, number of LinkedIn connects, or friends in … Continue reading

Hobbies – the art of picking one

So one of the great ideas I had recently was to pick up a hobby. After all I thought I should be doing something to keep occupied once I am asked to elegantly leave my organization at some in future. So a hobby was the plan. After excruciating suggestions from near and dear I settled … Continue reading

Estimating – a needed skill

How would you estimate the number of operational bullock carts in India? You can look it up. You will probably see there will be about 10 estimates. One figure I encountered was 15 million. But how would you go about it? One way would be to sample 300 one square kilometers and count the number … Continue reading

Learning a thing or two through the insight of the sighting the hind of dinosaurs…

Generally it is no rocket science learning with the help of hindsight. Holmes was pretty much convinced about it in the case of the Dancing Men. However recently I had an opportunity to actually learn from hind sight and looking forward. Recently, I was to spend my day at a place where I had an … Continue reading

Being old to learn

Some of us are steeped in the mechanical aspect of life. They suffer from ‘good habits of a good child’. They wake up before the sun does, so that they can greet the sun with a beaming smile courtesy the colgate or macleans. A cup of coffee would not be amiss. The sun if it … Continue reading

The yearning for learning

Sherlock Holmes says this in ‘A Study in Scarlet’ “I consider that a man’s brain originally is like a little empty attic, and you have to stock it with such furniture as you choose. A fool takes in all the lumber of every sort that he comes across, so that the knowledge which might be … Continue reading

The Utopia of Knowledge

Knowledge, sir, should be free to all! — Harry Mudd, “I, Mudd”, stardate 4513.3 Mudd was a thief, but what he said was correct. Star Trek has always fascinated me. The important thing is the problem that appears as the central part of each episode. I see evidences of free knowledge. Spock or Data seem … Continue reading

Learning and teaching through absurdity

I believe more complex a concept the absurd should be the method to learn it or teach it. Simple examples may not be good enough to drive home the point. They are termed as mnemonics but I feel they are examples that border on the absurd. Absurd = the good definition for me is that … Continue reading

How does one learn a new programming language?

How does one sculpt an elephant from a block of marble? A simple answer is to chip away all the pieces of the marble that does not look like an elephant and hence what remains should be an elephant. Learning a new language is probably not that easy. How does one go about it? One … Continue reading

Oh! for a new language

I came upon the IT world learning COBOL in theory. BASIC through Academics, Fortran by practice. VB on the job to some extent. Like natural languages I can understand C and Java. Some experiments with Ruby ( not ROR ). That summarises the languages I know. But then wikipedia list at least 500 + languages. … Continue reading

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