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சும்மா JLT यूँ ही

My ardhangini went to learn swimming….. and the rest as they say is her story http://www.thehindu.com/opinion/open-page/some-experiments-with-swimming/article23863935.ece         Advertisements

Nonsense – 4

My fourth installment of Nonsense. The other three are here, here and here. This story is all about another friend of mine who wanted to be a chef, but turned out that he excelled at something else altogether different. Ranbir wanted to be a chef. He did everything to be one. He used to watch … Continue reading

Green Mathematics

Going green is a becoming mantra among individuals and the corporate. This has given rise to initiatives such as minimalist living and in the extreme living off the grid. In of those moments where there are many things to do and yet feel bored, I hit upon this ideas of defining a recyclability index for … Continue reading


Finally, he was going to stay in the hostel. He was looking forward to staying alone. Freedom at last. A room for him and with no one to share. Summer solstice! The twitter of the birds woke him up. The day had come. “Hostel life – here I come”, he thought. A nice room. Simple … Continue reading

A winning streak at losing arguments

I crack poor jokes. At least that is what many of my friends and near and dear think. Like all people about whom their friends and near and dear think, I also believe that is because of pure unadulterated jealousy.  Jealousy stemming out of being unable to crack such jokes. Poor is a word designed … Continue reading

The puzzling moment

My erstwhile broadband provider was very agile and well-behaved when he promptly replied to my account closure request with a thank you note and a sentimental paragraph after that on my leaving the services. I was happy that at least there was this element of emotion for a customer. So imagine my surprise when a … Continue reading

On taking the plunge

Before I take the plunge a Calvin and Hobbes strip caught my eye on writing assignments. With the thought of the ink bottle not far behind, I thought it would be interesting to share the same. Now on to the agenda. A plumber with an uneventful life would probably remark “I never took the plunge, … Continue reading

Fall back projects

Some time back I had written about what can one do when there is nothing to be done. I had suggested a whole lot of things which may be quite unpalatable for many – not that I had any suggestion relating to eating something. I believe everyone should have a fall back project. Some would term this … Continue reading

The Apple of Discord

The Apple of Discord was meant for the “fairest”. It was thrown in a wedding party and then all hell broke loose. The jury has decided the “fairest” in the mobile world and given its verdict. One man’s food is another man’s poison a saying I had come across quite some time back.  After the … Continue reading

How to spoil a good weekend outing

Like all professionals I take pride in planning for a weekend outing. For me a weekend trip, be it over a Saturday and Sunday with an additional Friday/Monday thrown in, should be planned. I am not the type to get up on Saturday and nudge my spouse and ask “so what are we gonna do?” … Continue reading

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