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Derive the Point of View

This is part three of the Design Thinking blog series I had initiated a while ago. The first part was  a premier on Design thinking  titled – Design Thinking – A simple primer and the second one was on the first stage of design thinking i.e. Empathize This blog talks about the Define stage. What does the word … Continue reading

E ≠ SY — Empathize

Earlier I had written a primer for Design Thinking. Here I would like to dwell on the first step of Design Thinking as it is generally understood. This step is – Empathize. What does this word mean to you? Often the word sympathize and empathize are used interchangeably. However there is a difference between these … Continue reading

Design Thinking – A simple primer

This term is becoming popular these days. When I first heard it sometime earlier I was confused. I thought – ‘does it mean I should rethink the way I approach design in general OR should I redesign the way I think?’ I reasoned out that it is a combination of both. Design Thinking has its … Continue reading

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