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Nonsense – 4

My fourth installment of Nonsense. The other three are here, here and here. This story is all about another friend of mine who wanted to be a chef, but turned out that he excelled at something else altogether different. Ranbir wanted to be a chef. He did everything to be one. He used to watch … Continue reading

Levity @ 47.601147, 25.866496

It was my longstanding wish to eat authentic Bengali food. The only way I could was to travel to the Kolkata and its suburbs. A good 18 hours of air travel, one-way, and poorer by € 1000. I had read about popular chefs who had made their mark in the arena of Bengali Cuisine. Chef … Continue reading


There are bats and there are bats Dingbats and bullbats Wombats and numbats Wow so many! While the acrobat flies and reads the pdfs The wombat, numbat and the bullbat do have effs With their spouses In their respective houses While bullbat is a bat Different is the numbat and wombat They are the proverbial … Continue reading

Nonsense 2

I read the moving news line at the bottom of the news channel – “US President Barack Obama has said the alleged use of chemical weapons in Syria in an attack on Wednesday is a ‘big event of grave concern’”. Brownstone, was a man with worries. He had a grave concern regarding his grave concern. … Continue reading

I Strive to Contrive

Google is becoming the equivalent of the Star Trek Collective Borg. If you type in ‘what is sugar coated cashew sweet called in tamil’ and you have instant suggestion on, then you will find the following suggestion without the picture!  இனிப்பு சர்க்கரை பூசிய முந்திரி  iṉippu carkkarai pūciya muntiri It is better than a very good transliteration. … Continue reading

Managing a Masala Dosai at Mylapore

I could have as well titled this post as ‘Podger purchases Paan at Patna’ or ‘Picking up Poirot at Podanur’. It is this pathological obsession with alliterations that sometimes pulls me away from the intended plan of penning a decent piece of prose or poetry as promised. Of late posting poems in my blog presents … Continue reading

Camping by Quito Lake

She was alone in the woods. It was nothing new to her. She had often come here to spend the weekends. However this time it was different. Two days earlier she had a tiff with her father. It was Anand once again. She wondered why her father disapproved of Anand.  Father being a jeweler  by … Continue reading

What was that again?

Smith, the patent lawyer was trying to putt and putting in the golf ball was the only thing on his mind.Not even the patent leather shoes distracted him. Putin politics played a tiny part in his thinking right now. He was in a brown study. His colleague, the lawyer from Penang, and a friend from college, was in the … Continue reading


What follows is nonsense, but I suggest you read it and keep up the pretense of understanding. It prepares you for the better. After reading this, listening to the news round the world will make more sense. A singular dilemma of the triumvirate in the quadrangle of the Panchavati of Arumugam’s residence at the foothills … Continue reading

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