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Levity @ 47.601147, 25.866496

It was my longstanding wish to eat authentic Bengali food. The only way I could was to travel to the Kolkata and its suburbs. A good 18 hours of air travel, one-way, and poorer by € 1000. I had read about popular chefs who had made their mark in the arena of Bengali Cuisine. Chef … Continue reading

Uma gets her freedom

He was at it again. Practising his heart out. ‘kumaaraa sukumaaraa’. I was trying my best to get my head wrapped around the central idea of this story. I tried becoming oblivious to my surroundings. It was sure a tough ask. Why Uma wanted her freedom? Why did she behave the way she did? Was … Continue reading

Green Mathematics

Going green is a becoming mantra among individuals and the corporate. This has given rise to initiatives such as minimalist living and in the extreme living off the grid. In of those moments where there are many things to do and yet feel bored, I hit upon this ideas of defining a recyclability index for … Continue reading


There are bats and there are bats Dingbats and bullbats Wombats and numbats Wow so many! While the acrobat flies and reads the pdfs The wombat, numbat and the bullbat do have effs With their spouses In their respective houses While bullbat is a bat Different is the numbat and wombat They are the proverbial … Continue reading

What is your new year resolution?

Last year on the new year’s eve I dwelt on the pessimists and the optimists. But this year I am quite fascinated with this year’s learning and resolutions I can take. I was rudely shaken by the point of view of Calvin when he took an exception to Hobbes’ suggestion! With over fifty-five years under … Continue reading


Finally, he was going to stay in the hostel. He was looking forward to staying alone. Freedom at last. A room for him and with no one to share. Summer solstice! The twitter of the birds woke him up. The day had come. “Hostel life – here I come”, he thought. A nice room. Simple … Continue reading

Derive the Point of View

This is part three of the Design Thinking blog series I had initiated a while ago. The first part was  a premier on Design thinking  titled – Design Thinking – A simple primer and the second one was on the first stage of design thinking i.e. Empathize This blog talks about the Define stage. What does the word … Continue reading

Beagle தாத்தா(Thata)

On my occasional walk to the office, I often saw an old lady walking a beagle. The beagle looking for some choice smells and other objects of interest pulled at the leash. The lady used to manage somehow. In the few minutes it took me to cross then and go my way, I used to … Continue reading

The Janusian feeling

The medical marvels of today helped a few weeks ago when the blessed local pug bit my ear ‘acci-dental-ly’. My good ear was fortunately safe. The left one went right into the maw of the dawg. It spared my पग and I could run to safety. Then I realised that I needed a new ear. Unlike … Continue reading

E ≠ SY — Empathize

Earlier I had written a primer for Design Thinking. Here I would like to dwell on the first step of Design Thinking as it is generally understood. This step is – Empathize. What does this word mean to you? Often the word sympathize and empathize are used interchangeably. However there is a difference between these … Continue reading

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