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What is your new year resolution?


Last year on the new year’s eve I dwelt on the pessimists and the optimists. But this year I am quite fascinated with this year’s learning and resolutions I can take. I was rudely shaken by the point of view of Calvin when he took an exception to Hobbes’ suggestion! With over fifty-five years under the belt, I felt I agree with Calvin.

That great man Bob Dylan opined on the changing times way back in 1964. This year was no exception – I really learnt a few things.

Speak your mind – Some will understand you, like what you say, forward your twitter, post, message and those words of wisdom that you spewed out. But some will not. It is universally true at least in the corporate – that no one reads an e-mail that more than one screen full.

This year I was made to join six family whatsapp groups. If you do get into such a situation and not want it, get out of it immediately! After one message you will learn a new meaning of PNR. It is the point of no return. After that you can never leave! The number of messages will be exponentially proportional to the number of the family members. The biggest problem was to keep track on what one posts and fervently hope it is not to the wrong group.  Much like the famous line in the song – “We are programmed to receive. You can check-out any time you like, but you can never leave! ”

And that leads me to the next learning – Auto-correct – the great people leveler – I had a friend called Anup and you can imagine what auto-correct did! One should learn to co-exist with it. Use web.whatsapp.com for large posts. The dictionary there will not auto correct and one can cut and paste more safely.

claude_monet_038-1024x351Unlike many of my friends I had not invested in the well known metaphors of speech and silence. I instead invested in paintings. My artist friends recommended to me to buy a trio of his works – The Water Lilies. It set me back quite a bit. However, on that fateful date – 8 November 2016 – my paintings collection became useless. A white bearded man announced that all my Monet were useless. I am now planning to apply for clemency under some local equivalent of Chapter 7.

With the nexus in my life getting increasingly governed by a device sporting the dimensions measuring – 147 x 72.6 x 7.9 mm – we are entering the second robotic age. and we are redefining the meaning of being a slave to technology.I mean it – see this news report – here. Yes, there is really a Service of Healthy Use of Technology (SHUT) clinic. Increasingly we are getting more and more eager to keep looking at the form friendly brick and to see who called and who is trying to communicate with you.A missed call is usually not that urgent. If it is really that important they will call again!

These days we are surrounded by a Smart TV, iPads, mobiles, Kindle, A bio-metric reader in the office or place of work. Touchscreen interaction abound in our life. So it is quite natural to ask others – What is your new year resolution!

nyrI look forward to 2017. After all as a friend of mine reminded me it is a prime of my life and the next one I am told is in 2027. Wish all the readers a happy new year!

My new year resolution will be better than the one I have viz., 1080 x 1920 pixels. If you are wondering how my last new year’s eve was – it is here.



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