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Beagle தாத்தா(Thata)

On my occasional walk to the office, I often saw an old lady walking a beagle. The beagle looking for some choice smells and other objects of interest pulled at the leash. The lady used to manage somehow. In the few minutes it took me to cross then and go my way, I used to wonder who the lady was and why doesn’t she have someone else walk the dog.

Perhaps there was no one and the beagle was the only companion.

beagleUnlike other dogs this beagle used to mind its own business and nary a bark or a growl at the passer-by. Taking a cue from Kio Stark on why talking to strangers is a good thing, I one day asked her “Is that a beagle?”

I was not sure whether she heard me and I was about to go my usual way when she said “Yes he is a beagle. Do you have a dog?” I replied in the negative and went ahead.

A few more times I saw her, but across the road and could not really say hello to her. Then for a nearly a month I did not see her or the beagle.

Today I saw an old man taking the same beagle for the walk. I was wondering what had happened to the old lady. Was she ill? Is she no more? Perhaps those questions could have been answered by the old man but I could not bring about myself to ask.

I feared the worst and that hampered me. Kio Stark talk notwithstanding, I could not gather courage to pursue my unanswered questions. Why is that when we really wants to converse, often we cannot?

I saw Beagle Thata receding in the distance and hoped all was well…



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