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The price or the peace of being early…

Tippy, a sales executive with an independent mind took life as it would come. His approach was unnerving to many especially to his Senior Colleague.

Tippy believed in achieving clarity in his actions before he did them. He would typically begin his new year by planning in such a way that would make him happy at the end of the year.

One year he began with a yearning for a state of the art music system. The only way he could fund it was by achieving his sales targets and consequently the incentives that came along with it. So Tippy pulled out his sales planner and methodically chalked out all the activities that would help him reach his dream.

One of the strategies involved taking his SC to a big factory in the next town and utilise his SC’s expertise in positioning the sales proposition to the client.

Now the SC was man of method. He knew Tippy too well to leave important things to him such as the train tickets. He said, “Tippy, I will manage the tickets for both of us. All you have to do is come to the station on time.”

On the day of the travel, Tippy a health fanatic, decided to go on a jogging spree. He went 14 kilometers to see planes taking of at the airport and jogged back to his home.  He said to himself “Lot of time to reach the station”. The SC on the other hand, a methodical man as I had mentioned before, packed his bags by 10am and had a proper lunch and set of the station and reached it by 4.30pm. The train was at 6 pm. “Enough time” he said to himself. The SC just could not tolerate any sense of suspense. Being late was just not in his genes.

5.30pm! SC was getting tense under his collar. Out came his cigarette and in quick succession he smoked two of them. He was getting jittery. The peaceful world of his started to looked bleak each passing movement with Tippy yet to arrive at the station.

Tippy woke up from a deep sleep. He was disoriented. He made a lunch with whatever the refrigerator had. It was 5 pm and he then realised that he was to be at the station for the train. All hell broke loose. The medulla in his brain suddenly activated his leg muscles and he jumped out the chair. He hurriedly put together his luggage and ran out of his home to catch an auto driver.

After spending some time to catch the auto, he came to the station at 5.30.  Since the train was at 6 he decided to have a snack and sauntered in to the local food stall. A leisurely snack and he decided to board the train. He then realised that the train was on platform 4 and he was on 1. He had to run!

5.50pm. The SC was boiling. Two more cigarettes were killed by now. The SC got on to the train and started peeping at the heads on the sea of humanity in the station. He peered on all sides to spot the elusive Tippy. The train gave along whistle and the preliminary jerk of the bogie made the SC look at his watch and he was horrified to see it was 5.59pm.

6pmThe train started moving and the SC could see the bobbing head of Tippy! The train like proverbial time and tide did not stop and chugged on. In sheer exasperation the SC went and settled in his seat and mentally prepared to meet the client the next day all by himself.

Tippy rushed down the stairs at platform 4 and was seeing the train starting to move. He quickly jumped in the nearest bogie and spent some time regaining his breath. Then he slowly moved along the connecting vestibules until he met his SC.

The SC went all red in his face and would have certainly made a mincemeat of Tippy were it not the fact the TTE was just around asking for tickets. In all his wisdom the SC said “Tippy, this is last time we are booking our tickets together.”

Does being early have its virtue? For most parties and get together the best time to make an entrance is when somebody in the party just starts to miss you. The only place it is advantageous is perhaps the office. Some 15 to 20 minutes early allows you to catch up with your work and be ready when the mass moves in.

It is always a moot question whether the earl bird enjoys its worm as much as the late worm enjoys it sleep and perhaps its life.

Human beings can’t fly like birds and have to deal with traffic, so there….



One thought on “The price or the peace of being early…

  1. You should consider writing a book! 🙂

    Posted by Umesh Narayana Menon | April 14, 2015, 7:46 pm

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