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Hobbies – the art of picking one

So one of the great ideas I had recently was to pick up a hobby. After all I thought I should be doing something to keep occupied once I am asked to elegantly leave my organization at some in future.

So a hobby was the plan. After excruciating suggestions from near and dear I settled on three hobbies. Amazing number of parameters was applied. Some interesting ones were:

  • Will you have time?
  • Will it give you the desired level of laziness on weekends?
  • Will it cost too much?
  • Do I need to drive – that from my son – for I do not drive?
  • Will you require shelf space – more than what you have?
  • Do we have to help out?

After all the debate – we settled on the three.

  • Learn a stringed instrument – a guitar for example
  • Do some physical writing – Gujarati for example
  • So you are interested using papers – why not quilling?

My friend DJ – not a disk jockey – offered to loan his acoustic guitar – I later learnt that he has been planning on using his lead guitar as his hobby – but that is another story. He assured me that I will play for myself and it is the lethargy that will ensure that I do not pick up and not ability. He told me I do not have the equivalent of tone deafness as far striking a chord or two is concerned.

With Modi in the news – I was told the time is ripe to write poems in Gujarati. I was assured that pretty soon in some fifty years my poems will be selected for a prize. Write about cleaning the roads – a sure-fire formula for success I was advised.

Then I learnt that the secret to a job in an IT company must surely be tempered with an artistic hobby. Something that can be abstracted to coding using paper. Something like origami – tricks with paper. Quilling.

It is cheap – does not take time – small sized items – can be handed as gifts on unsuspecting fellow coders.

java-quillingSo while I await the acoustic guitar from my friend DJ guess what I am doing now a days? I am contemplating combing Java with Quilling. It has all the required elements. There is a quilling editor, standard templates, a coach to train your work, formatters like boards and moulds, like the nnetworkcable tools, a crimping tool as well. Take your pick – might save you a cup of coffee.



3 thoughts on “Hobbies – the art of picking one

  1. Loved the writing style. Motivated me to pick up a hobby, strumming on it now.

    Posted by Ashok CT | October 5, 2014, 3:39 pm
  2. Eswarann I have already finalized my hobby – I will learn to play the drums 🙂 ⋅

    Posted by Savita Malhotra | October 6, 2014, 1:56 pm
  3. How about writing a book titled “How to pick up a hobby”??

    Posted by Girish Ketkar | October 19, 2014, 11:03 am

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