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When it rains ideas…

It is that time of the year when corporates are going for innovation – In as many ways as possible. Prize money, pat on the back, that coveted T-shirt, a vacation to some exotic place – name it – it is all there.

The problem with such a drive is a sudden overdrive of mental juices, gastric overload, increased beer bills, burnt fuses of the overhead projectors and – A bucket load of ideas.ideaThe first step when you are faced with a whole lot of ideas is not selecting the best but reject most of it. How can one reject amicably – amicable to idea giver and also amicable to oneself?

  1. Reject all ideas which are not put in the portal – that removes all ideas in the pen, paper, and the lazy minds
  2. Reject all ideas that are going to take more than 3 months to even to realize what they are – that removed 60 % of the lot
  3. Reject all ideas which are fancy and will not warrant a first look from the customer let alone a second – another 20% gone
  4. The remaining 20% will probably be around 300 ideas – still a lot to verify
  5. Then the master stroke – Question the funding
    • This will make people jump up and review
    • They will imagine a budget limit that does not exist but will get applied nonetheless
    • The number is now at 150
  6. This is manageable
  7. Two weeks to prioritize, appoint chasers, follow the doers, rope in the customer make a detailed analysis and then we have the idea laid out
  8. Can I get all these by Thanksgiving?
  9. Reward?
    • Get the top three send them to a vacation at Alaska
    • Recognition
    • Brownie points
    • Any other?
  10. And that is it! – Voila, Kapish?

The reality let me assure you all, is quite different. Blood, sweat, tears, toil, all on the boil with loads of night oil.





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