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So you want to help?

Imagine your best friend’s close relation has passed away. What would you do to help? Reader’s Digest carried an article a while ago suggesting polishing of the shoes to help with funeral arrangements.

The problem is one relating to image building. We all want to be seen helping, to be talked about how helpful we were and actually do little or no help. What is it going to be?

Consider a family get-together. The most terrible thing is the dishwashing at the end of the party. How many of us actually offer to do that? On the boxing day it is the getting rid of the confetti, paper tapes, boxes and the bright coloured papers is the most egg laying irritating job I can think of.

In south Indian marriages, the most terrible job is the one typically the most trusted relation gets – noting down who has given, how much in the gifting envelopes. To painstakingly note down the donor’s name, amount, tallying up the figures, miss all the fun of the marriage, move about with a horrible looking bag – sometimes I wonder it is worth it?

There is always a more terrible job – more than what you can think of – if it is the potato peeler’s job you dislike – wait till you see what the potato washer does! If it is washing you are avoiding then wait till you see the grader’s job.

potato-1Is there something called a decent coding job? You are expected to help out with everything from DB scripts to specifying front end cascading style sheets. It is time to be good at more than one thing! What are those two things you are good at?



2 thoughts on “So you want to help?

  1. Is it jack of two things or master of two things?

    Posted by jovenky | September 28, 2014, 5:22 pm
  2. I remember… Years ago, I was the person responsible for “gift accounting”! It was good to sit next to the groom and appear in all photographs! 🙂

    Posted by Girish Ketkar | October 19, 2014, 10:53 am

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