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Is it the eye of the beholder or is it the ‘I’ of the beholder?

Yesterday I had written a poem motivated by a song from Khusboo and a piece of cane and metal work artifact picked up at a souvenir shop.

I had sent a mail to a set of people with a preamble and to another set of people with no preamble.

The preamble was

The fear of becoming obsolete before you think your time is up is real. We need to hone our skills and renew and relearn if necessary.
New ideas will not happen unless you look around and embrace uncertainty – be it technology, a new language, moving to a new location.

Some have commented on the poem. Some had independently sent their comments on the reply.

The comments were varied. Some had simply commented – ‘Good poem’. There was a comment on the finer difference between the words loneliness and solitude.  One reader saw it as a piece which forced a thought on higher things in life. There were a few mostly nearing 45 who saw it an evidence of midlife crisis and that a crying need for a balance between family/work.

I wondered whether the preamble influenced the conclusion drawn by the readers of the poem. If this is so, it reinforces my understanding of how writing can deflect, perhaps marginally, a thought or an opinion.

The power of the written word can be quite telling. (Wouldn’t telling be an attribute of the spoken word?)

It is important to renew one self. We have seen actors who have surfaced in the limelight after years of screen doldrums. The sports arena is abound with miraculous recoveries. No one taught us the use of mobiles? I hardly see a typewriting training institute – not that typewriters are seen so easily now – but then I understand they are back again – if you were to believe this report.


eye-IIf Glass or driver-less car happens no problem. If 4G comes alive throw away 3G. Catch the parent teacher meeting, you can take the call later.
Life can exist even after retirement, literally and figuratively. It all depends on the ‘I’ inside you which dictates, more importantly, what the eye sees.






One thought on “Is it the eye of the beholder or is it the ‘I’ of the beholder?

  1. yeah, we hv to adapt, adopt and adept. Its the adept that is the biggest challenge. Thanks for the text.

    Posted by jovenky | July 31, 2014, 12:44 am

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