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Dosas at Woodlands – or the three pink cows

I have a theory called the pink cow syndrome. It says that ‘If I see a pink cow with blue horns in the morning and I see another one in the afternoon, then I would surely see one more by the time I would go to bed.’

woodlands-restaurantHarold Pinter Theatre, Panton Street was hosting Oscar Wilde’s ‘The Importance Of Being Earnest’. It has been rated 4.4 at lovetheatre.com, so I assume it must be doing well. Just opposite this theatre is the Woodlands restaurant. A friend of mine, Sean had suggested meeting here and have a go at Dosas here.

Surrounded by theatres this seemed to be an ideal place after an experience at a play. Pinter had written a play titled ‘The Dumb Waiter’ in 1957 and that was the first pink cow. We were earnestly looking forward to a good Woodland experience but the waiter that day was a bit off. Two of them actually who kept removing things off the table even before we could polish it off! Pretty dumb that and it was the second pink cow.

The food was impeccable, though I understand the lemon was bitter in the lemonade and Sean felt conned (no pun intended). Mini Uttappam selection was my choice and it reminded of Iyer’s Trolley selection at Dakshin. A warm rasam, to start with and a well-made, non-tinned, luscious Gulab Jamun and Mysore Coffee to wind down – that was three hours well spent.

Coming back, I went to a shop to pick up a few things. The bill came to £1.65. I gave the person at the counter 2.15 hoping to get a single change of 0.50. But I was instead given a ‘look’ and the 0.15 was returned to me first.  Then I received 0.35 in change.  I was there with three more coins in the wallet. Well that was the third pink cow!!!



One thought on “Dosas at Woodlands – or the three pink cows

  1. lol…good one.

    Posted by Jyoti Venkatesh | July 13, 2014, 7:02 pm

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