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Channeling curiosity

Have peered across the other side today?curiosty

How many of you are pathologically curious? Many of you tomorrow are going to be torn between coming to office and watching election results unfold on the television. The sheer curiosity of knowing the results would make you stop for a while and contemplate staying back from work. But then it is your choice.

I was wondering whether one can be pathologically curious. The nervous energy to discover something about which you are asking question – can it really make you go that little bit ahead in the race? Some of the scientists, archaeologists, have demonstrated the same.

It is akin to the creative urge of software development – especially when you are writing your version of cows and bulls in a new language you have taken fancy to.

These urges creates a certain doggedness in you that allow you to be single-minded , obsessed as it were and leave you with no choice but to complete the discovery or getting the answer or until you drop dead.

Now this is a type of energy that is not usually visible unless it is a part you character, your inner ism, if I may say so.

There are many ways this energy can be channelized and their manifestations are abundant.

Some of us need a sense of completion. Somewhere either using a post-it or a column in the diary or simple writing on the white board we create a to-do list and we are motivated to gain psychological closure only when we able to tick the list or craftily move the undone ones to the next day.

Remember having many things on the to-do list does not guarantee multi-tasking. There is whole lot of literature that opines that multi-tasking is myth – that is another story.

Some of us need to follow passion. Passion is the extreme of curiosity. A chap I know is an ardent member of IRFCA – Indian Railway Fan Club. What does ‘A’ stand for? – find the answer here.

He has to read something about railways each day. He has to listen to a few audio on the various horn used by the diesel engines each day! Crams the announcement made by the underground all over the world. He goes to the station early to visit the engines and their drivers.

It is debatable but I strongly believe that each one of us needs a pet project and that should be fall back when we are fed up with daily transactions. A break that lets us be with the pet project will allow each one of us to come back to mainstream with renewed vigour.

UntitledBe it mathematics, crossword, history, mobiles, IPL, Formula One racing, Rafi, chess, trekking, photography, home electronics, Ham Radio… A fall back is required. A place where we will be on days when we finish the lunch early and still have 30 minutes before we are back to eclipse, word, spreadsheets, PowerPoint or the Concall.







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