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Neatly struck by cleanliness

CleanlinessThat is photograph of the main road of an industrial complex. What you see are small factories churning out shirts, jeans and other stuff.

What struck me was the cleanliness.

No posters. No bits hanging on the electric poles. No bits of paper littered.  It is clean as far as the lens could see.

Often I get argued against saying that in our country we are plagued with over population. I would argue that the key factor is not population but population density. In the factory complex as shown above it is as dense as any factory you may care to pit it against.

Yet, it is clean. This was the recurring theme at places I visited in Phnom Penh.

A photograph published in the local new paper says it all.







What does it take to be clean? Process?  Authority? Positive KITA? It is perhaps something else….

Wonder what could it be…




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