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So you missed seeing the Tower of Babel …long long ago ? Don’t worry…

I had read about the Tower of Babel and its biblical references. I was trying to imagine the exact moment when God in his infinite wisdom, made people talk is about 70 different languages.

Many thoughts surfaced, when I tried to imagine this scene. In one moment, all who were speaking some common language started to speak different languages. A bit Matrixesque don’t you think? But then it was God who felt disconcerted about the achievement of man, and he could do anything!

Imagine the silence that would have ensued momentarily when each one of those building the ‘Stairway to Heaven’ realized that the person on the left and the right of him were uttering gibberish. There was silence and then pandemonium.

The tower project came to an end. How did the crowd now speaking 70 different languages reorganized themselves. How did they know that the man opposite spoke his lingua franca? In other how the birds feather flock together?

So once they flocked together they decided to give their language a name, formulated the grammar (perhaps that was already put into their minds), then devised a script …my thoughts went on.

However all that turned into a reality. I had spent unnecessary time in imagining what I could have easily found out.

Yesterday on the TV, the precursor to the largest Tamasha on earth was being enacted. Arnab Goswami had seven or was it eight panel members who were to answer questions on the eight points that an upcoming heir-apparent had apparently asked the seasoned opposition  – in the process gave away the information that he was taking tuition at the age on seven – questions on Amul among many other things.

The tower of Babel need not be imagined it was there for all to see. All of them spoke a single language, English – not one of them heard what the other said. If they had, then they pretended not to understand. If they did not understand they any way chose to ignore.

The stage is set for the next two months for two greatest Tamasha in one of the largest democracies. The General Election during the day and the IPL.  for those who want to spend time in whatever fashion you want, here is the link for one of them so that you sit glued to or run away from. For those who are still interested in the contest on the green seek here. But it may change.



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