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Dreaming about having a Barramundi at Chamundi Hills.

vacationThere are four types of vacations that you can have with people around. These are characterised by whether you are with your friends or with your relations. Also whether you are doing something or doing nothing.

The relations-do something is very important and often leaves you tired by end of the day. It is very demanding from a social standpoint. You have to have that plastics smile of yours whether you like it or not. These are typically marriages that you do not want to attend or those funerals for those whom you have never met – worse still you have never heard of before. This also includes birthday parties for those brats – nephews and nieces included. However there are some good ones too for example the annual Christmas ball at your rich uncle’s mansion say in Devonshire.

A slightly better deal than the relations-do something, is to have friends-do something vacation. It is definitely more enjoyable, such as a reunion or an old band get together down at Miami or Las Vegas depending on the budget. You can let your hair down a bit and meet old flames.20140308_082510

As you age it is often necessary to invest in more of the do nothing variety of vacations.

The relations-do nothing is not so intimidating, a picnic, a drive or perhaps a fishing trip. No necessity for that plastic smile, stuffed coats, and a stiff upper lip. Social niceties are not so demanding and a great opportunity to talk about all the rest of the family who is not present.

The best of the lot is perhaps the friends-do nothing. No expectations, no formalities, only liquid nirvana or for those brave enough something to inhale or pop-in.  It offers far more freedom of speech and dressing.

Both the do nothing offers an exceptional laze-in-the-bed and-be-late-for-breakfast opportunity.  I recently had one and just see the view when I opened one eye. Looking at the Chamundi Hills I toyed with the idea of having a Barramundi at the top of the hills. No harm in dreaming right?



One thought on “Dreaming about having a Barramundi at Chamundi Hills.

  1. You need to watch “Shaadi ka Side Effect”

    Posted by Udayan Banerjee | March 11, 2014, 9:41 am

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