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Admiring the inner strength…

I had written earlier on the pain of praising others, but sharing grief or sorrow is even more difficult.

There she was, another good-looking girl in the office – married. Nothing would have prepared her for the fateful day when nature decided to hand her the most terrible set of cards. She was at cross roads of her life – without even a path that she could take. Losing your near and dear one is itself a terrible thing, but so sudden and so tragic?

I was afraid to even see her eye to eye. How the hell would I say ‘I am sorry’? Mentally I practiced so many times but each time it sounded so hollow. What can you offer someone who has lost the very foundation for existence?

Time passed. She moved northwards. She found her inner strength – something to live for. Someone she is proud of. Life perhaps has now returned to normalcy.

Why is it so hard to share grief? What does a person who has lost his father, mother or a spouse needs at the moment of grief? Is a simple ‘I am sorry’ sufficient? It is a very difficult question to answer indeed.

Later on, much later on, when I realise what should have been done, maybe when I am over 70, I can be content and say to my self ‘Ah Victory I see – you are a blip in my sea of humanity but you know what – you are a very bright blip’.



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