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Satyr’s Satire & Pain of Paean

I have come to a conclusion that It is bloody difficult to praise somebody. I mean can any of us sincerely praise anybody without  Regret chasing us on wings sporting a tail and two horns? It is therefore with great surprise I watch some programs with bewilderment.

The chief of them are the award ceremonies like the Oscar, Filmfare & Grammy. Every one of those getting an award – are they really thanking their parents, friends, the team, the director etc. The filmworld on the face of it is the most amicable community one is led to believe.

On the other hand – I appreciate the wrestling foundation. On the face of it every match whether staged or not has a veritable war of words before and therefore I believe they are actually more amicable then the one mentioned above.

I must mention the cricketing community. War of words with all the guidelines of good English as handed down by the wizards of Eton or the eminent grandfather of sledging from the annals of CA.

How I do I sincerely praise some one? it is easy to say “a good job done” when the job is done, or “Congratulation on your marriage” – but to say “the success is because of your hard work” or “you have been most kind” is not that easy without having a debate between the right and left hemisphere up above your neck.

The corporate world is full of such stories and anecdotes.


I have not seen a Satyr much less the Satire of one. Even the usage of the word ‘Satyr’ is reducing over time – so tells me Google. The essence of praise is as ephemeral as the the Satire of Satyr and there in lies the pain of paean.

What do you say ?




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