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Appreciation of Individual Excellence – or the lack of it…

Let me begin by telling you a story. The king, his minister and some of his men were lost in the jungle after an outing. They were tired and hungry as well. They chanced upon a farmer and his orchard of mangoes. The farmer welcomed them, asked them to take some rest and lunch as well. A plateful of succulent mangoes were served and the king after tasting him was very satisfied. He asked the minister, “Can I have some more?”

The minister asked one of the men some more. The King then asked the minister, “I wonder if the farmer is playing taxes properly?”

The second helping of mangoes arrived. The king had them and remarked they are not as tasty as before. The minister remarked, “When you had the first time you were free from any thought other than to eat, but now you are worried about the farmer and taxes”

Often we lack the ability to appreciate the individual excellence as a set of persons or even as a society. As a society, we resort to any means of stopping the excellence from becoming a force to reckon with.

butterfliesSomeone forms a new political party. No problem till he starts making an impact. Suddenly there are questions regarding funding, national or international. If someone makes a path breaking movie, the opposition – no one knows who they are – some idiotic social connation regarding the movie is raised hoping to make the movie from being seen.

“The grapes are sour” is the typical attitude. Is it universal across the world? Or is it pronounced in some parts of the world?  Someone show phenomenal performance on the sports arena and immediately there are doubts raised on the gender.

While we are after clean sports why that is only when someone wins is the furore is more? Even in a children singing contest in a recent TV show I saw the rules undergoing change so often that I was left wondering was there was a Grey Eminence behind the scenes.

Competition is on the rise. Of that there is no doubt. But does one have to deride success every time there is one?



One thought on “Appreciation of Individual Excellence – or the lack of it…

  1. The AAP being attacked is a case study. Barely had they got 20+ seats and the media (Rajdeep included ) were trying to put them in a box “Don’t you think your supporters will be disappointed if you don’t form the government?” , “:Is it fair to put Delhi through elections again?” , “Are you now setting up a third front?” , ” how will you replicate in other metros?” etc

    Posted by Arjun | December 15, 2013, 8:08 pm

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