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What animal are you now?

The Chinese have named the years in their calendar after 12 animals. The year in which one is born, dictates the type of person you are. There is a nice story about how the naming was done. There are times one should be like an animal. Some of the examples below may not be acceptable to the Chinese nomenclature, but I leave it to you to decide. While it may not be possible to be truly eclectic and be all at the same time, one can be an animal one at a time depending on the situation, muck like Dr. Jonathan Chase in the television serial ‘Manimal’.

Time to be like a duck: There are times it is best to ignore. Ignore comments made by colleagues, friends and even enemies. As a Zen master said once, “A gift is a gift only if you accept it”, the perfect time to behave like a duck is when water falls on its back. Mind you this does not mean one should not be sensitive.

Time to be like a pig: Wallow in the mud, enjoy what you are doing, do not care what others are thinking. Sometimes it is necessary to follow you heart. Follow it like the pig. Turn a somersault on the road, wear yellow on green like some in Kollywood.

Time to be like a vulture: James Hadley Chase had written an interesting paperback titled “The vulture is a patient bird”. Remember that it can be boring sometimes, but it is usually worth waiting.

GiraffeTime to be like a giraffe: Competition is a given. Rise above it and I mean it literally. Be a giraffe, head for leaves way above. Move to uncontested market space. Blue ocean strategists’ say the same thing, unfortunately the giraffe said long back.

Time to be like a monkey: Curiosity may have killed the feline but it is important to be curious. Sometimes years of experience may make us overconfident. A bit of curiosity will make us ask the right questions to avoid the wrong answers later on.

Time to be like the black widow spider: The male black widow spider usually pays for its piece of fun. It is important to have fun. It is perhaps important to go where no one has gone before. It is also important to survive. Make an escape plan. Be the success he-black widow spider.

There are more meritorious animals out there. Wait till they show me their notable qualities…





2 thoughts on “What animal are you now?

  1. Good one

    Posted by Mahadevan | April 17, 2013, 3:55 pm
  2. good One. Finally one that i understood.

    Posted by nklata | April 17, 2013, 3:56 pm

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