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A winning streak at losing arguments

I crack poor jokes. At least that is what many of my friends and near and dear think. Like all people about whom their friends and near and dear think, I also believe that is because of pure unadulterated jealousy.  Jealousy stemming out of being unable to crack such jokes. Poor is a word designed by them to make me feel bad.

It takes lots of imagination, skill, effort and time to come up with such jokes. Jokes that are puns, word play, contextual flim-flam etc. I add flavor by bringing in language variations and cross domain usages too in the picture.

What arguments I make I lose the same and now I am on a winning streak at losing arguments. I probably have a unbeatable world record at losing arguments. I strive to contrive and create perfection. Perhaps that is what I am doing wrong.

The other day I was invited by Clark to witness a strange Metropolis function. He said it was a classic example of an absurd argument. He said the success of the function hinged on the how well it was appreciated and the value the function would return in turn.

I said any function at Metropolis would be of no value, socially or otherwise. I thought to myself what with Perry and Olsen around – any Metropolis function would be a quick disaster.

In any case I accompanied Clark. Who would not want to see a social faux pas? He took me to a room which was filled with books and blackboards and nary a soul there except the two of us. There on the board I saw the scribble that I reproduce below.

M-functionClark said, “There what I did I say? An absurd argument isn’t it ? Absolute surd argument!”

I lost one more argument!




2 thoughts on “A winning streak at losing arguments

  1. Did not understand and difficult to comprehend…why cant it be simpler…..should i repeat your first sentence again.

    Posted by Mahadevan | April 2, 2013, 9:34 am
  2. Classic! I have to confess though that since my engineering days I have a weakness for ‘p + i j’

    Posted by Ashok Shetty | April 2, 2013, 10:37 am

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