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And what mark have you left behind?

If a great man dies then most find it easy to eulogise him on his way to whirligig in the sky. Everyone alive elbows another to produce a better eulogy, something that gets quoted in 48 pt in the next days newspaper. Who does not want to get associated with big names? But remember the big name left his mark in the world.

There are some who leave a powerful mark.

And then there are some who are perhaps a relatively unsung hero or a heroine as the case may be. The safety-pin inventor for example or the famous anagram of initial Football Club UK, something that lets us vent out our suppressed feelings and be a light free bird for a while at least.

And then there are some who have left no mark whatsoever and the loved ones and friends search for something good to say. After a long silence at Ing Didnoth’s funeral his friend managed to say “Ing was a good marble player”

Finally there are some who leave a mark that remains forever, even when the loved ones pass away even perhaps when the earth breathes its last.

They are those who leave chewed gums behind the elevator bars, underneath train seats, in the flower pots and even on the door hinges. They are those who love to paint the town red, not the way you think but after a jaw breaking exercise with a wad of paan they go for a bad mouthing spree!

Then there are people leave banana peels on the way, peanut papers and empty bottle on the beach and so on…

And what mark have you left behind?



2 thoughts on “And what mark have you left behind?

  1. Nothing Eswaran. I’ve decided to leave the world completely spotless. No one will realise I was ever here. And the world will be a better place for my having left no trace.

    Posted by sammoorthy | March 25, 2013, 3:57 am
  2. Quite unlike the ‘Kilroy was here’

    Posted by eswarann | March 25, 2013, 11:17 am

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