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Are you comfortable removing your gloves?

It is really cold out there. I decided to wear some gloves to protect myself. I felt better until I found it did not turn out to be good option after all. It would have been though if I had done some changes in my work plan.

Firstly after you put on your gloves, you cannot do certain things. Extracting sheet number three from a set of seven for example. Holding onto my mobile while climbing the bus was another.

I slowly realised that if you want to protect yourself from cold then be ready to change some other aspect of behaviour as well. I Made sure that the mobile went in to my pocket before hand and I had put the mobile of mute as well. All ‘micro’ activities were to be done before I don the gloves.

This is true will life as well. If I want to stay late and watch movies on the television without affecting the inmates then I bloody well invest in a headphone ( and be prepared to pay the additional electricity charges!)

It is obvious that every choice would have some consequence, but the bally thing is that the consequence or so unpredictable and silly at times.

I like to spend my morning with a cup of filter coffee and the daily crossword. For that I would need to get sufficiently early – not an easy thing if I am going to watch late night movies on the telly!

So here is my take – if you are going to do it – be prepared to undo it when required or accommodate it in your world!



4 thoughts on “Are you comfortable removing your gloves?

  1. One cant operate a ‘touch-phone’ with gloves too, you’ll always need to remove it to answer calls. Though I’ve come to learn that now even ‘touch-phone’ friendly gloves are coming to the market..

    Posted by Pawan | February 27, 2013, 7:42 pm
  2. You come back and forget about those gloves. Illi manda kaayara bisilu.

    Posted by Radha | February 28, 2013, 10:38 am

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