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The puzzling moment

My erstwhile broadband provider was very agile and well-behaved when he promptly replied to my account closure request with a thank you note and a sentimental paragraph after that on my leaving the services.

I was happy that at least there was this element of emotion for a customer. So imagine my surprise when a few days later I received a message that said they will stop my services and I will be marooned in the world with no broadband. I reasoned that the left hand of the organization did not know what the right hand is doing and left it at that.

overdueToday I had that great puzzling moment when I received yet another message in my inbox stating that I owe £0.00 and if I do not immediately pay I will not only be marooned but I will also be red and brown in  my face as I will not be able to see my Facebook, write my blogs, watch some terrible cricket or read about pranks leading to death of innocent nurses.

I said to myself this is a case where the left hand of the organization does not know itself let alone the right hand of the organization.

Reminds me of the situation where one of my geriatric aunts was told by the pension dispenser “Madam I have received your November proof of existence but not the October hence I can pay you the pension for November but not for October!” or the one when my accounts insisted on my missing ongoing boarding pass stating that the auditors did not take a lenient view of the matter and both the ongoing and the return boarding pass is must for claims.

These are the moments where your emotions go through the classic ascendancy states.


I am sure many of us have experienced something similar. Perhaps it is the effect of too much outsourcing. The result of following the Core Competency model so strictly that one has ended up outsourcing all that is not ones core competency? Is it plain callousness? Or it is an outcome of falling between the cracks? Or it is plainly a case of these things perceived as not important? I wonder if the truth will ever be known even if it out there (a la Fox William Mulder!)



One thought on “The puzzling moment

  1. it was no accident that this piece appears right after the “eight queens” piece, right?

    Posted by narayan | December 19, 2012, 9:24 am

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