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On Learning

Being old to learn

Some of us are steeped in the mechanical aspect of life. They suffer from ‘good habits of a good child’. They wake up before the sun does, so that they can greet the sun with a beaming smile courtesy the colgate or macleans. A cup of coffee would not be amiss. The sun if it could would give a frown to such people and choose to ignore them. They however are least bothered. After savouring the hot coffee they would them go through the vicarious pleasure of waking up those who wait for all the cocks to crow and all the crows to cock their head looking askance at their sleep. Only then would they wake up. I belong to the latter group. I would like to point out here that the age-old practice of matching horoscopes for coming to a conclusion on the fitment quotient of the would be couple does not take in to account waking up times, this being one of the important reasons for a family in troubled times.

Some of us like to be predictable. They are the ones who would have seen the movie –‘If it is Tuesday it must be Belgium’ a dozen times. They live by the clock. Come Sunday they would change in to their cargoes and with a broom, a cleaner, a brush. a spray not unlike  Goddess Kali, and go about cleaning the house. The errant children would scamper to clean up their table, bed, chairs in the living room before the parent screams about the dirty world and spoil their lovely Sunday.

I must point out here my understanding of the words neat and clean. For me clean is lack of dirt. Neat means ordered. Cleanliness is fine. Neatness is my choice. Tell me is there really a problem if the clock is not facing the green wall?

It is a common corporate gripe – “Nobody is filling up the time sheets”. Depending on the organization you may hear it once in two weeks or ten times a day. Filling up time sheets is one activity that catches the goat of many. The only way all toe the line, albeit with a grumble and a mumble, is linking the pay to the time sheet. Marking attendance is another. Some unfortunately do both.

Is life worth doing all these? Am I too old to learn?



3 thoughts on “Being old to learn

  1. Bijit Sarkar’s hypothesis: The complications in your life is directly proportional to the number of switches you operate. So i made a change and shifted to far west of the country from the hubble-bubble of Calcutta.

    Yesterday i worked on the design of a coast guard ship – then drove out and just outside the shipyard gate, sat on a fence watching a pride of lions ( 1 mail, two lionesses, and two cubs) having a leidurely dinner – a Nilgai they have hunted.

    This morning, from my balcony , i took pictures of a black butterfly , 4″ in size.

    I am loving it.

    PS : last month total expense 4300/- . I will be rich if I dont get lured back into city life of scotch whiskey, girlfriends, and billiards 🙂

    Posted by Bijit Sarkar | October 7, 2012, 12:16 pm
  2. Good One about clean and ordered…and the Clock!

    Posted by Mahadevan | October 8, 2012, 9:39 am
  3. Learning has nothing to do with age. Learning is acceptance to induced change, so it is to do with mental inertia.If inertia is there then external force is required for change. 🙂

    Posted by Uday | October 8, 2012, 2:16 pm

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