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Is it A then R or R then A or Only R or Only A?

The headline to capture the spot of the Turkey-Syria war, the Central Governments stand on FDI and the Nifty trade trigger debacle, is the one about two famous Bollywood stars who are having their respective birthday bashes on the same day. The who’s who of the Bollywood is confused. I am told that efforts are on to convince them to celebrate the same on different days, while the more intrepid are trying to convince them to have a joint party.

I am sure there must be at least 50 guests or perhaps more who would figure in both the invitee list. The dilemma they would be facing is interesting. Shall I go to A and then to R or shall I go to R and then to A they ask themselves repeatedly. Some of them are perhaps seeking some good counsel with their PR agents as well.

The fortunate ones are perhaps who have not been invited at all. They have an option to gate crash in to one or both and they are not worried about it. Then there are some who have been invited to only one. They too, do not have any problem.

The problem with those who have been invited for both the parties are trying to estimate the consequence of their actions. How much would they want to be invited for the next year’s party?  Some ingenious ones are splitting themselves. The hero goes to one and his wife perhaps to the other. There by hoping to keep up a social balance. Some I am sure must be trying to enact the situation in Christie’s Lord Edgware Dies.

Then are others who are happy because on that day they are out of station. They would exclaim – “You see I was shooting in the Alps and I am sorry I could not attend but here is my gift…”. The only people who are really happy must be the photographers, and gossip columnists who must be using their mobiles to the limit organizing a seamless Facebook updates, Twitter tweets, picturesque blog posts and some candid camera captures.



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