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Ask a silly question, get an interesting answer

Someone once remarked – “People with a predisposition to being plump are friendlier than those who are not”. I replied, “that is because fat people can’t run”. It may sound silly but that is a valid reason. If you are not friendly than there is a very good chance that you may be hit on the nose. If you are fat then you would not be in a position to run from the place after making a particularly offensive remark and that means that you are better off being friendly.

It is very important to ask silly questions. The sillier it is better is the probability of making a very illuminating discovery. That is what Edison did and wasn’t he illuminated? People who ask silly questions, people who dare to ask question contrary to the norm really go places. I am sure Amundsen, Columbus must have had asked some rather silly questions. Think of the amazing questions asked by Tenzing Norgay and Edmund Hilary.

Someone must have asked the question “Is there a way to open the gate without getting off from the car?” – you know the result.

My favourite one – “Can I get a paint that will let me paint a chessboard? Not a black and white but a chessboard paint”. This is the facade of BTV Branch Innsbruck by Rainer Köberl.  A chessboard paint would let you paint this building so easily. Rather than paint in white and then the black portions or the other way around.

What is your silly question that is driving you places? If you do not have one why not create one? Spend five minutes a day on answering that and see the effect.



One thought on “Ask a silly question, get an interesting answer

  1. Good one!

    Posted by Y N Kaushal | November 6, 2012, 10:53 pm

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