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Freedom of Speech?

This was the day when the question “What is the difference between Niccolo Paganini and Gandhi?” pops into my mind and I unleash it on an unsuspecting niece or a nephew after first explaining who Paganini was. Now this has to done with careful planning. Paganini would be introduced approximately fifteen minutes before the question is asked so that people around you are still aware of Paganini.

Then with an air of innocence that comes out of immense practice you pop this question. Of course the importance of October 2nd should have been established earlier as well. Then when look on the faces of the audience turns from quizzical to one of minor irritation you unleash the answer – “Well Paganini was a violinist where as Gandhi was not”. Be sure to stand away from a throwing distance for people might throw on you a pillow, a cup or perhaps an old mobile.

Therein lies the problem. Jokes and puns that you believe are good may not received in good humour by the rest. Like the friends of Paganini who could not appreciate his composition and used to ask him to  see sharp and be flat when he stood upright to play the Caprice #24.

Such is the life of poor me! I toilest like Francis Heaney did writing the “Toilets by TS Eliot”. Come on my friends, let us be bold and tell, post, broadcast and posterize our kadis, jokes, phattas, puns, dry wits, sagely advices and corny creations with no fear of being looked down upon or being bashed on the head by cosh-wielding iconoclast.

Will Bunsen burn with jealously because the beaker retorts or the beetroot blush because it saw the salad dressing? No! So put on your thinking hats and take a shot of the nightcap, pick up the paper and pencil , iPad or the tablet PC and pen, post, and profess your creation and let the reader and the listener be Aswaned or Bhakranangalled.



2 thoughts on “Freedom of Speech?

  1. Freedom of speech is there with a untold cap that it should be simple enough to be understood . If a joke or a blog makes reader to read more than popularity will go down as people don’t connect so easily. That,s why ‘Prem Chand ‘was popular than ‘Agyeya or Amrita Preetam’. Challenge is specking big things or small things in a complex manner is always easy than stating it in a simple way. First It will not suite the metal block of achievement. But when things are for other then it has to be simple enough even a child can understand and feel it. I think best book I came across so far in this context is ‘The Good Earth’ simple enough could be read and understood by class eighth student and emotional enough to touch heat of millions that’s why it has the Nobel prize.

    Posted by Uday | October 2, 2012, 4:27 pm
  2. Don’t we have a nice name for such jokes?


    Posted by Udayan Banerjee | October 3, 2012, 7:17 am

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