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Simple things can make you happy

While I do not know the secret to eternal happiness I can tell you some tips for short-lived ones. In a life that is anyway limited by the amount of CO you inhale, limited by some silly thing called age what is the point of having a secret to eternal life?

The secret of happiness is small things of joy. Now this can take many shapes. A Hi or a hello from that lovely thing next door could perhaps make you happy till you reach the office. I say that because at the office you have email waiting from your boss who is busy seeing his l.t.n.d.

One of my short-lived happiness is the green light at the traffic as you approach it. Waiting is really bothersome. For some of my friends with a poetic bent of mind a rainbow would be a source of happiness. At the supermarket my favourite make-me-happy is the one to take the last piece of free newspaper.

Take your pick, a sleeping baby, a koel singing, pitter-patter of rain, catching the train just in time. These things are soon forgotten but the feeling they give some is nothing to be pooh-poohed. The word that comes to my mind is ephemeral.

Those moment that makes say Yesss. I leave you with some images.

What makes you happy?




2 thoughts on “Simple things can make you happy

  1. Nice:) I can think of several short-term happinessogens:

    1. In Mumbai, finding a vacant seat in a local (and finding unfounded the apprehension of it being chewing-gum-infested-and-therefore-avoided)
    2. As you wake up, smell of ginger wafting over the steaming fresh tea
    3. When driving, sailing through three green lights in a row

    The list can go on.


    Posted by ajay sathe | September 28, 2012, 4:04 pm
    • Interestingly we are still unhappy at times. why doesn’t this long list negate the unhappiness? I think when we are unhappy it is big and the happiness though many are small . a Big N and a BIg M problem?

      Posted by eswarann | September 28, 2012, 5:24 pm

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