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Things that bother me now and then

Bugged! Sometimes you get bugged for apparently no reason. Today I found myself walking behind someone and I wanted to go faster so that I could get ahead of him. I made three attempts and I failed. That made feel terrible. I actually got off the road, trotted and climbed back on the footpath again. This way I was ahead.

I did not realize this immediately. After about an hour or so I felt bugged and could not find out why.  I took a coffee break, went out of the office and ruminated like a cow on one stomach. Then it struck me why I was feeling bugged.  The nice thing about it is the process that you follow to identify the same.

A quiet spot of thinking usually helps you calm down. Anger management gurus ask you to count. They do not mention for how long. I usually take to a cup of coffee, water or tea and stand by a quiet corner and voila you find what you are seeking.

For many the eureka moment comes when you are in the loo! That reminds me (see www.squattypotty.com), something which for many Indians is obvious. The other thing that bugs me often is put off the light after lying down to read a book late night. I often wanted to have the sound operated switch or a plain bedside switch. This is so true in some of the hotels.

In this digital age, nothing can be more bugging than waiting for the mail to download, or the photo to upload or simply waiting for a call. What are your lists of your bugbears?



2 thoughts on “Things that bother me now and then

  1. The digital age bugs me for many reasons:
    1. It is very hard to find someone at the other end of the line when you need some services
    2. It is such a pain to remember all the passwords
    3. All my bank accounts become inactive if I do not use them for 6 months
    4. There is information overload
    5. I work in IT and still I feel that it is such a pain, although I am not challenged in any of the digital areas
    6. I read the news on the phone, I read e-mails and do a bunch of forwards too – I get bugged when people think I am crazy – at least I do not play games!!!
    7. My wife is not happy as i am glued to the phone – so i am bugged – what the …?

    Posted by Sanjeev Dange - Ex - St. Mary's school Rajkot | September 19, 2012, 8:40 pm
  2. Yes sanjeev, it is true…

    Posted by eswarann | September 19, 2012, 8:53 pm

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