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On writing a travel monologue

Writing about a place is challenging. Like eye of the beholder and all that. I have however decided to throw caution to winds and to my chagrin saw it become an auction (get it?) and I had to bid for the best thoughts amongst the whole lot of thoughts regarding the trip.

The trip consisted of four days and I shall accordingly pace my writing in four parts. For the impatient please be patient – I will be adding links to – Day 1, Day 2, Day 3 and Day 4. For the well wishers and the patient go on.

One thing that struck me was the essential approach to life between the Britons and Gaul. Of course the nitpickers would hit me on the head and choose to argue about my choice of words but I choose to ignore him.

Onward to across the channel eastwards, passport checking was a mere formality. While returning however it was perhaps ten times more critical.  It gives you an idea on the way things are. I wasn’t unduly surprised when I met a student from the mainland who wanted to collect € 500  so that he could slink in to the island. On questioning why would he want to do that he answered, better work and better pay. Bowled me a bit but that is way the cookie seems to crumble.

While the Underground and the Overground is well understood, I never figured out the difference between M and RER. The noise in the RER was really deafening. It seemed more Indian to me. In the four days there was marked lack of signs of biological prosperity and almost no visibility of the natural covering on the female femurs. The better half was probably happier than the bitter half.

You could not walk hundred meters without encountering a restaurant. The order of the day was croissants, baguette, escargot, coffee (all variations), tea and drinks of all kinds. What impressed me was the availability of pani easily and for the asking. One of my near and dear screamed at me for not indulging the escargot, crepes, champagne, the patisserie and that too in what he considered to be the capital of food.

We were at a place where the footpaths were as wide as the roads and the roads ways were really wide. Many of the younger crowd reveled in locomotion on their inline skates. The traffic was very considerate for pedestrians much like back in G.

I had written earlier on Singaravelan in Sinzig. I met a few more here in the four days. For students of history it is decidedly the place to be in with over 40 well-known museums and probably twenty lesser known. It would keep him occupied for nearly a week of hectic touring.

One thing I found it amazing was the presence of a good café in almost all of the museums.  A delectable croissant and a coffee au lait made up for a quick eat.  We started with a visit to the iconic Eiffel Tower. What else?! Well then that sets the curtain raiser for the few days at Paris. Day 1 in hindsight proved interesting.



One thought on “On writing a travel monologue

  1. If time permits have a look at eiffel @night from the ground across….the street dancing with drama should be amazing.
    In Louvre buy the guided head phone…for people of interest and detail it is worth..without that you will miss many small lights and images in the picture…Word of (time)advice for Louvre…plan ahead what you want to visit in particular…else you can spend whole week looking everything and seeing nothing.

    Posted by maccoy | September 19, 2012, 12:18 pm

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