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Testing Times

Meeting friends generally is a good thing
Though some bad it brings
If your friend is a friend after your wedding
Then no problem you can sing
If he is a bum pal ere you were hitched
Then life is bewitched

He knows your secret
It is a two-edged sword
Who has who in his pocket?
You may meet him at Gare Nord
Or at tea stalls in Connecticut!

You learn sadly that your better half
Is a skillful questioner
And your pal alf
An unbridled answerer

Oh you did this and you did that
He rambles on in glee
You look at the time to flee
Not wanting to hear
How you were named Mota the Fat

Oh well the cat is out of the bag
Much as you want to tie a gag
On your friend so nice
Wave the white flag is my advice

Insult to injury he adds
Make you pick up the tab
Bills in his wads
An example of a backstab?

Remember folks this is gender agnostic
Anyone can be acidic and caustic
Feel like giving a kick?
You have but a tick.



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