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Some interesting stories

Coming to a new place is very exciting. There are some things that make you happy and some make you wonder. There are things that just require you to get used to.

Take for instance crossing the road. Coming from a place where pedestrians are a pedestrian concept, I was quite surprised when you are treated as a king – not perhaps in the same class as Richard the III or Henry the VI – still. By habit I wait patiently for a break in the traffic at places where there are no lights. I was confounded when the car too was patiently waiting. After what seemed as an eternity I looked up to see the driver of the cat waving me and indicating me to cross the road!

National rail continues to stump me. I knew booking airline tickets in advance was always beneficial as the cost tend to be lucrative.  Here I found for example two single fares onward and return cost me 22.00 pounds but the return fare would cost only 11.80!

I had an opportunity to visit a coffee place near St Paul’s Cathedral. It had an interesting name – Apostrophe.  It had restroom that had a security lock and it required you to go to the counter and ask for the key code to get in. I figured this out after I waited squirming and fidgeting for about five minutes. The open sesame was T12345!

Overchoice – During my engineering studies many of us used to have a fad which typically was difficult to understand, quirky and plain stupid at times. An example would be to visit all the restrooms in the campus or stick notices on all the notice board during the five years of study. Here the first time I decide by potatoes I was faced with almost over 20 varieties of them.

On a visit to Portland, the tour commentator advised us not to mention bunnies to the local residents, especially on a Friday as it would be treated as a double insult. Apparently the miners in the region had had a bad experience where rabbits had burrowed so much that the mine had once collapsed and that resulted in loss of many lives. I did not believe him until I corroborated it using Google (what else?).

Hence when an open bus commentator talked about his 14 grandchildren, of whom two of them had their birthdays on 24th and 26th December, and their Christmas purchases I listened to him with an open mind. He said the only shop that let him buy things cheap was Primark. Well there were socks that went two pounds for a dozen pairs.

Here is hoping for some more interesting stories…next week may be.




One thought on “Some interesting stories

  1. reminds me of “a few rambling thoughts here and there”.Good flitting from one topic to another!

    Posted by Patil | September 10, 2012, 11:03 pm

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