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Adi – Pose a question to debate!

Awbeh City is located at 34° 22′ 10″ N, 63° 10′ 35″ E a small place on the A77 in Afghanistan and probably would not qualify to be termed as a city. However I am talking about the Obey City a futuristic state where everyone obeys the laws laid by the state. Every citizen is cared for by the state. The citizens are not expected to work. They are encouraged to watch the television, participate in eating contests and take part in the finest sauna available for it is very cold in Obey City. Its rich natural resources enabled the state to achieve extremely high living standards and hence the work was done by the intelligent bots imported from the neighbouring state of Pha Minh. The engineers at Pha Minh were brilliant developers of bots of all kinds and Obey City was an excellent customer who did not mind paying for the same. Amenities in Obey City were plentiful and the scale was really large. Comfort and ease were the watchword of every product manufacturer in Obey City. The citizens of Obey city had through the process of evolution had only thumbs on the hands. Years of pushing buttons slowly led to the four fingers on each hand to become defunct and now it hardly existed on anyone. Like the tail marked only with a coccyx, it had vanished. Only the thumb remained. Life was on as usual until one day…

The founding fathers of Obey City were worried. They were worried because they had just received news that could change their way of living. A kid by the name of Adi was proving to quite unlike them. There were strong indications that Adi, the name of the kid, was asking too many questions. This was something quite new. The founding fathers were only exposed to questions on newer variations of food, eating contests and more comfortable sofas to view the television. In fact the last question they had addressed on sofas was nearly 20 years back. It was a perfected solution. Sofas turn into beds at the touch of a button and the television automatically moved to the ceiling when it was time to go to sleep. The sofa would wake people up in the morning and reconfigure itself to a dining table for the bots to serve breakfast. It was a rare event for Obey City citizens to visit the kitchen let alone cook breakfast.

Adi was considered by many to be a freak. He looked like no person in Obey City. He had ten fingers. They knew nothing about Adi’s parents. Records showed that he was found one day outside the largest television shop and since no one came forward to claim him the founding fathers decide he would be cared for by the Citizens Advice Bureau.

Adi was short for his age much leaner than the most in his age. He also walked fast and could climb. He almost looked like the bots that Pha Minh made. What was even more astonishing was the he could cook from the age of seven and he was only 10. He used to ask his friends to race with him and they gave him a quizzical look and ask why run? Running was a word long forgotten. So was the word race. Of course in our world we have many more meaning attached to this.

Adi found it awkward. He never did like the television. He wanted to feel the air brush past him as he leaned out of the window during stormy days. He wanted to know why his friends were not interested in playing with him. In his eagerness he went to his father. Not his real father but the one whom he believed to be his father.  His father was a wise old man and in his younger days was an umpire in the game of cricket, a game long forgotten by many now. He was a really good umpire. He was very bookish and used to be so impartial that earned him the name Fatal Ump.

Of course as he grew old he became so comfortable and cricket left him with no exercise. The second ‘a’ in his name was slowly dropped. Such was the situation of Obey City. Adi in his quest to play and not watch television or participate in eating contests slowly found a few who shared his views. His questions became famous and soon a cult was formed with Adi being the leader. He invited people to debate with him on the issue of changing the very DNA of this huge city. He wanted to do away with some of the bots and bring back the old life style back. His shows were gaining popularity. His posters screamed “Adi – Pose a question to be debated”

If you getting a feeling that you should put on your running shoes then please do, for adipose is a question to be debated. I can assure you that after being overweight with a back problem, a stent and the mellitus, obesity is serious and more questions posed on this and more answered the better it is for our future generation. Let the race begin and put the marathon on. Let us pass on the fitness bug to the future.



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