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The Apple of Discord

The Apple of Discord was meant for the “fairest”. It was thrown in a wedding party and then all hell broke loose. The jury has decided the “fairest” in the mobile world and given its verdict.

One man’s food is another man’s poison a saying I had come across quite some time back.  After the Apple vs. Samsung legal battle it has started making sense. James Burke in his series ‘Connections’ pointed out how things are connected even those which are not apparently so. Samsung loses and Apple gets the moolah. Is it as simple as that? Pundits are predicting the sunrise for Microsoft in the new space created by the possible disappearance or lessening of Android phones. Like the vultures that swoop on the lost and straggling man on the desert and waiting patiently as immortalized by James Hadley Chase , Nokia, Microsoft and RIM have suddenly woken up to take advantage of the new space. Will Apple gladly give it to them?

On the other hand the question that comes to my mind is whether Samsung take advantage of the component contract with Apple and tweak the fine print therein which I am sure can lessen the payout burden to a large extent and probably some more as well.

Necessity is the mother of invention – Samsung will now have to invent something fast. I am looking forward to a Frisbee-cum-tablet.  Actually why not make an apple-shaped phone! All the Apple buyers will buy and yet it is not a rectangle with rounded corners!

The Android O/S has to re-invent itself as well. I am sure being an open source there will be many hands to correct the pinch-and-zoom bugbear that Apple is upset about.  What about t Apple itself? Will Apple increase the price of their products? After all what will the consumers buy in the short run unless they overcome their fear of leaving US of A  into the otherwise terrorist filled rest of the world?

The next twelve months will be crucial and I wonder what the buyer reaction going to be?



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