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How to spoil a good weekend outing

Like all professionals I take pride in planning for a weekend outing. For me a weekend trip, be it over a Saturday and Sunday with an additional Friday/Monday thrown in, should be planned. I am not the type to get up on Saturday and nudge my spouse and ask “so what are we gonna do?” much like Buzzie asking Flaps in Jungle Book.  I plan ahead, much ahead. When the year starts I look up all the holidays which my company gracefully gives, the dates the government decides by looking at the moon and all the calendars under the constitution to arrive at the Funny Fridays and Magic Mondays that are a holiday to plan for a longer weekend getaway.

Once that is done, I check up with my cash and credit position to decide how much can I spend on the trip. After that I look up places around home to locate all the beautiful getaway places fits the budget. Then make a short list of places that fit my liking and discuss with the family on the choice of the place. I make all the places I do not want to visit less attractive in the comparison sheet and thus boost up the chances of mine being selected democratically.

Once the place has been decided the family then is involved in actively choosing a place to stay. After all that the family dog and cat are informed accordingly, whether they are invited or they will have their vacation in their respective pet homes. The milkman and the newspaper boy are informed through proper channels for a weekend stop service.

Before the day we leave for the getaway the burglar alarm is enabled after releasing booby traps at home much like the Home Alone style – you see the home is alone. Then after we get on to the bus or the train, I spoil the vacation. I open Google Maps and use the street view to have a virtual walk from the hotel where we would be staying and all the roads in a six block grid around the hotel. I commit to memory every piece of information relating to nearby by shops and restaurants. I check up on distances and bus routes. I spot every pothole on the roads. I check on the name boards of houses near the hotel.

In short I kill the entire surprise element in the vacation. When my family members go, ooh and aah, about the nice and new things they see I give them a condescending I-knew-that-before look like Mr. Bean does most of the time.

We IT savvy people are like that you know. There are times we let our ‘professionalism’ rule our happiness. However you have a choice. Please do not spoil your next weekend getaway.



3 thoughts on “How to spoil a good weekend outing

  1. So the surprise element is lost.

    Posted by Uday | August 24, 2012, 1:52 pm
  2. I conduct programmes on MBTI where we distinguish people who like structure versus those who dislike it (J vs. P). You have given me a good example of the same.

    Posted by Y N Kaushal | August 24, 2012, 2:27 pm

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