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FIFA World Cup 2034

It came as a surprise to me that work was underway in Qatar for hoisting the FIFA world cup in the year 2022. That is 10 years later. What was even more interesting was that they knew it much earlier.

Bids have already been received for the FIFA world cup 2034! Nepal has bid for hoisting 2030. The heady mix of wishing, planning and be ready for an event so far in the future must be driving somebody up the wall.

A check for Olympics 2024 and 2028 showed that the bidding will start in 2015 and 2019 respectively. Obviously the readiness for Olympics is of a higher order and I thought more lead time will be there. It looks the reverse however. Then it occurred to me that basic readiness for Olympics has to be much higher. After all it is no joke to put up around 36 events and many more participating countries as compared to football.

Software development projects – at least those I have been involved with – look at best into 6 months in to future. Try to imagine what software one would develop for the year 2034. While tomes have been written on the software development projects, with variations in development method begin proposed for every new project, we still have to hit the magic mantra which will help us through.

Olympics London 2012 will soon be forgotten, but somewhere the knowledge of blood, sweat and tears spent on the same will be preserved and we can only image what that could be and hope someone somewhere will be able to use that knowledge for making the next Games that much more efficient and effective.



One thought on “FIFA World Cup 2034

  1. Interesting! What is also good to know is, at least there will be a Zero-Carbon 2022 FIFA World Cup Stadium in Qatar! http://tiny.cc/renewablesoc

    Posted by RenewableEnergy (@renewablesoc) | August 22, 2012, 2:47 am

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