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Celebrating Indian Independence in Godalming

Today was a day of mixed emotions. Irritation on not having a holiday, though I could have taken one, turned to one of questioning as to working here! Well that is the way the cookie crumbles as the saying goes. Some are spending their holiday here, some have close family members visiting here and some are working in Woking.

One may be tempted to cock a snook and say ‘We are here’, but it is all history. The Berlin Wall fell and Germany is one, yet the wounds of history still persist in the minds of the citizens. The day is important. It is more important however to ask oneself, what it is that we can be really proud of and what more can be done.

The question of plastic flags has been prominently discussed in the social media. It was not so few years’ back, where it was very much sought after by everyone with or without a car. The Cadbury’s éclair that come along attending a flag hoisting function is one thing I miss.

I am happy that we have shown improvement in Olympics. It gives me great pleasure when Anand wins, or the Blue Team wins, upset that Indian hockey could walk beneath the door even on stilts. I was jubilant that school kids in India located a few asteroids and a comet fragment.

Misplaced values regarding dressing, women, and girl child continue to aggravate the sense of helplessness. Foreign travel advisories regarding holidaying in India is increasingly terrible to read. Gagging in Eastern India is shocking even allowing for the temperament of the erstwhile railway portfolio holder.

But celebrate I did – with a bit of caution to winds – the tricolour was consumed in thought and action – posted here for posterity.

We may be displaced, temporarily or permanently, but I suppose we can still celebrate as we see fit.




2 thoughts on “Celebrating Indian Independence in Godalming

  1. it’s good to know that we live in a world where there’s a cupcake for nearly every event.

    Posted by narayan | August 15, 2012, 6:55 pm

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