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Guns and shooting was a terminology I always associated with spies, war, the fictional Man from U.N.C.L.E. Shooting took on a new meaning with advent of photography, cheap camera, increasing mobile capability and advertising, more so after the TV. Terrorism images across the world bought in Kalashnikovs, AK-47s and with it came along the improvised explosive devices.

Shooting has now taken on a new meaning. Usually it was the war veteran, the highly stressed soldier and the like who figured in the news for haywire shooting. But now it is the turn of the school boy, the college loner and perhaps the not-so social that goes on a shooting spree. The reasons vary from voices in the mind at one end to the decree of the God at the other. The result is same. Many innocent lives are snuffed out.

After the major shooting incident in Norway in the year 2011, the world just managed to put it behind and willing to forget it as a bad dream, the story and the history repeated itself.

A shootout in a theatre followed by a killing spree in place of worship and now an incident because someone was doing his job of serving eviction notice. Where does it leave us? Perhaps all eviction notices must now served only by Superman or RoboCop.

Debates of making gun laws stricter meets with opposition who say why not make owning a gun a birthright. We can add a gun owning ceremony with the getting a car license much like the buying a wand at Ollivanders on reaching the age of 18. How would that help? Children below 18 cannot protect themselves! Okay let us make that 18 as 10. I suppose that should help.

Pleading insanity is one way to escape capital punishment. At Norway ironically the shooter insists he is sane and did it with a specific motive. It is more chilling isn’t it? It is important to decide how difficult are we going to make it for guns to be procured in the first place.

Are you really happy to see the word “Shooting at… “ in the breaking news in the TV today?



One thought on “Shooting

  1. The shooting is less expensive than earning food in some places across globe.I have seen these type of incidents many time during 1984-92 till i switch my city of residence. I only think that these news are getting media attention previously it was not even reported as FIR. I don’t thing these is anything in this to be make it as breaking news. I hope these breaking news is today during 24 hours no crime has been observed reported and felt.

    Posted by Uday | August 14, 2012, 3:41 pm

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