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Lazy Susan

Way back in 1700s, I think the services of a domestic were already very expensive and only those above the ranks of the baronet could perhaps afford it. It was then the great idea for communal eating was invented. That circular piece of wood that revolved in the centre of the table enabled eating together without the need for anyone to serve. It was then called I understand from popular literature such as Google – dumbwaiters.

One of the cruelest things, I would think for a woman, would be that she is named Susan.

Some of the more common names for fictional maids are Susan, Hannah and Bun. However the name Evans has been immortalised in the works of Agatha Christie in ‘Why Didn’t They Ask Evans?’

Then sometime later someone had a grand idea to call the dumbwaiter, Lazy Susan, no doubt motivated by a particularly ineffective maid. In fact is aptly called Lazy because it wouldn’t go round on its own and the diner has to turn it around as and when required.

The cruel joke however is the personification of Susan. The rest is history. I am sure that Susan’s all the world over, however active they may be, would have in their lifetime had a joke at their expense and  Susans’ on the plumper side a joke at their expanse as well.

The reader is persuaded to read about the misery of Jim Dandies, Peeping Toms, Jolly Roger, Jumping Jacks and similar nomenclaturally (the dictionary doesn’t agree) challenged.



2 thoughts on “Lazy Susan

  1. The fare you serve has wide variety.You click on the dish you need,they are all in a virtual cirle (through a st line cant be called one but is said to be a part of a circle of infinite radius).The continous stream of topics that you generate are antithetical—not the work of a lazy person.

    Posted by Patil | August 12, 2012, 11:31 pm
  2. Nice! Just as well we dont have Sleepy Srirams and Noisy Natesans – glad these dont apply to Indian names – or do they?

    Posted by S Raghavan | August 15, 2012, 11:01 pm

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