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Getting work done by Friday

There is something magical about Friday. Any time someone asks you “When can I expect the deliverable?” on a Monday, the answer would be b y Friday. If the job is expected take some more time them it would the next Friday. Why not the next day?

This practice is even more across time zones especially if your customer is ahead of your time. Your answer by Friday gives you two more days. This is a classic case of fooling oneself. By Sunday evening you realize you are deep in trouble for you have not yet done the job yet. Well the night is young as they say.

Procrastination is a lovely vice. I practice most assiduously on Saturday and Sunday morning by delaying the inevitable getting out of the bed. It is a well-designed time-tested method. The alarm rings at 6.00 am and then you ignore it. The bally thing will remind you again at 6.15 and then again at 6.30, 6.45 and so on. But then we Rip Van Winkles are intelligent. Another alarm is set at 7.00 am with no repeat option. This effectively cancels the snooze set before. After 7 it is bliss. Next stop at 10.00am – By then the stomach overcomes my Winkleness and I am forced to get up.

There are many amongst my well wishers who believe the correct way to do justice is to wake up early, put on your halfus pick up the broom, duster or the hoover which ever is convenient and go about sweeping, dusting or hooving respectively.  Tell me if they had got it done by Friday is there a need to that? It is all a myth.

The only person who ever got his work done by Friday successfully, was Robinson Crusoe. The only other way to get things done by Friday is to follow the calendar with the weekdays Mon, Fri, Fri, Fri, Fri, Sat, Sun.  The defence rests.



3 thoughts on “Getting work done by Friday

  1. very true. Another classic one is the deadlines on monthly meetings – 15th and 31st are the most common !

    Posted by Arjun | August 7, 2012, 9:02 am
  2. A better week would be Thu, Fri, Fri, Fri, Fri, Sat, Sun. One doesn’t even have to suffer Monday morning blues.

    Posted by G Krishnamurthy | August 7, 2012, 6:13 pm

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