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Camping by Quito Lake

She was alone in the woods. It was nothing new to her. She had often come here to spend the weekends. However this time it was different. Two days earlier she had a tiff with her father. It was Anand once again. She wondered why her father disapproved of Anand.  Father being a jeweler  by profession he was suspicious of  all. Words ensued and she decided she needed to be alone and promptly packed to camp in the woods.

The cool waters and the calm environs of the Quito Lake helped her regain composure and soon she was her usual self. She decided to paint. Setting up the easel was easy. The sun had not gone down yet and there were two more hours to go. A perfect time to capture the elusive sunset she thought.

The sunset was beautiful and the painting came on so well. She was happy. An unopened bottle of Chianti was somewhere in her luggage. She spent her time, sipping her wine and savouring the sunset on the canvas. “Wonder what Anand is doing?” she wondered. She was due to return next day. She could always see him before she went home. Damn her father she thought and gulped the remaining wine.

She remarked to herself, “Time to prepare the sleeping bag”. She was feeling drowsy and then she realized she was not alone. She heard the intruder. She tried getting him out of her mind but he persisted. She decided to name him Amos.  After a while she gave and decided to hit the sack. “Amos be dammed as well” she said to herself. She put of the light and suddenly the stars were visible from the transparent tent top. Amos was perplexed he thought he had a decent companion for the night. He felt he could get on with a bit of dinner. He had mistaken the Chianti for his dinner.

But she was already feeling the effects of the red wine.  He went nearer and found she was humming.

Raat Akeli Hai, Bujh Gae Diye
Aake Mere Paas, Kaano.N Me.N Mere
Jo Bhi Chaahe Kahiye, Jo Bhi Chaahe Kahiye

Amos went ahead and they tell me Amos was found drunk later that morning and dead to the world.

Didn’t I tell you Amos was a mosquito. But perhaps you can tell me her name?



3 thoughts on “Camping by Quito Lake

  1. Great prose Echu!

    Posted by John valentine | August 6, 2012, 12:33 pm
  2. …Anopheles (she was from Macedonia)

    Posted by Ajc | August 6, 2012, 5:02 pm
  3. Wow! This is a lovely short story!

    Posted by Alby Antony | August 7, 2012, 9:41 am

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